vinylOmania (Record store in Vilnius, Lithuania)


Vilnius, Lithuania
Specializes in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Classical.

Address: Pylimo g. 32, Vilnius 01141, Litauen

Introduction: The biggest vinyl shop in Vilnius and Lithuania. We are new shop opened in April 2019. We sell mostly second hand vinyl, but have on offer the most popular new reissues. We specialise in rock, progrock, psychrock, but we have wide offer of soul & funk, pop, jazz, classical, easy listening, country etc. in stock. We have huge stock of Lithuanian music released on vinyl, both second hand and new. Come and visit us - we will be glad to offer you your favourite LP and a cup of coffee or tea!

Sells: Records, CDs, Cassettes

Website: Facebook

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vinylOmania, Vilnius, Lithuania