Vinyl Decision (Record store in Taiwan)

Vinyl Decision


Address: No. 1, Section 1, Bade Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Introduction: Vinyl Decision has the best selection of quality, imported second-hand vinyl records in Taipei. Our shop is located near the He Ping Rd. and Ji Long Rd. intersection, one minute walk from Liu Zhang Li MRT. It offers a place you can not only purchase LPs and , but choose, sit, and listen to your favorite side while enjoying your favorite food and beverage with your friends. [ Vinyl Decision 有什麼好玩的? ]- 來自最經典的年代、保存最優良的品質 -- 上千件黑膠唱片- 你可以隨便挑、免費播,享受一下午當DJ的樂趣 - 跟朋友一起來- 除了當DJ,我們也提供美食飲料,讓你們的小聚會更愜意- 你的黑膠唱片洗澡了嗎? 一起帶過來,我們有「洗澡服務」喔還記得上次跟熟人/陌生人一起聽黑膠的感覺嗎?還是說,你從未體驗過? 你一定要來玩玩看! 我們在 和平東路三段 跟 基隆路口 圓環、捷運六張犁站走路1分鐘的小巷子裡,等你。

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Vinyl Decision, Taiwan
Vinyl Decision, Taiwan
Vinyl Decision, Taiwan