UPE (Record store in Riga, Latvia)


Riga, Latvia

Address: Vaļņu iela 26, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

Introduction: At the UPE music and wine store on Vaļņu iela, the busiest thoroughfare in Riga´s Old Town directly opposite Galerija Centrs, you can pick out the music recordings of your choice to go with a bottle of high quality French, German, Spanish wine or a vintage from another nation. Here, you will not be asked to pay a separate price for the packaging of your bottle, and this is just the place to come if you want to put together a wonderful present for someone`s birthday or treat yourself to something special. At UPE, you`ll be greeted by frendly and knowledgeable sales staff, conditioned air and the most extensive music recording offerings available in Latvia spanning all musical genres. Visitors to Riga are often pleasantly surprised by the selection of traditional and contemporary jazz discs on sale in the store, while many a collector has been impressed by the store`s extensive selection of vinyl records and customer friendly prices. Not surprisingly, UPE is a favourite haunt of opera lovers, Latvian composers, diplomats, musicians and melomaniacs. And last, but definitely not least, the store boasts an eclectic offering of music DVDs and Latvian films.

Sells: Records

Website: delfi.lv

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UPE, Riga, Latvia
UPE, Riga, Latvia