Underground Records (Record store in Prospect, Australia)

Underground Records

Prospect, Australia

Address: 78A Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

Introduction: Underground Records is for true music connoisseurs. ‘True music’ is music delivered on the vinyl format. UGR is dedicated to delivering the finest vinyl available. Rock, Rock Classics, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Stoner, Psychedelic Rock and Doom along with all their sub genres. We carry a lot of items in stock, as well as many other items for backorder and preorder. If you don’t see it here, please email us. We will always try to find it and we welcome recommendations. It is our vision to make this one of the best buying experience on the web and to bring greater accessibility of this format to the Australian music fan.

Sells: Records

Website: undergroundrecords.com.au

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Underground Records, Prospect, Australia