Turtle Records (Record store in Ixelles, Belgium)

Turtle Records

Ixelles, Belgium
Specializes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country.

Address: Av. des Saisons 43, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

Introduction: Turtle Records is a small family-run records retailer based in Brussels, Belgium.We do not operate a storefront yet. Deals are made by mail or by arranging an appointment (around Place Flagey in Ixelles).Our aim is to provide you with a hand-picked selection of good music, the music we love and listen to ourselves, at the crossroads of Jazz, Hip Hop, Downtempo, Bass Music, Electronic, Indie, Afro, Latin and more, depending on what’s spinning on our decks at home.---------------contact: orders@turtle-records.com

Sells: Records

Website: turtle-records.be

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Turtle Records, Ixelles, Belgium