Turnschuh (Record store in Nassau, The Bahamas)


Nassau, The Bahamas
Specializes in Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic.

Address: 330 E Bay St, Nassau, The Bahamas

Introduction: A German sneaker and skate shop in the Bahamas, that also sells vinyl records.
Turnschuh is the one and only skate shop in The Bahamas. The store is located on Bay Street in the heart of Downtown Nassau. This is where local skaters, artists and streetwear enthusiasts come for the atmosphere that only a local skate shop can provide.
It is a place to discover exciting European skate brands in the store’s carefully curated selection of apparel and accessories, enjoy a flavourful shot of espresso in the café while admiring the decks handpainted by up and coming artists in the gallery or browse through music on vinyl from the shop’s record collection.
Turnschuh is a brand inspired by its German and Bahamian heritage, known for its authenticity, style and quality Made in Europe.

Sells: Records, Art, T-shirts, Skateboards, Sneakers, Accessories

Website: turnschuhbahamas.de

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Turnschuh, Nassau, The Bahamas
Turnschuh, Nassau, The Bahamas