The Turntable Shop

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Address: 175 3rd St E #103, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1E5, Canada

Introduction: In addition to selling and repairing turntables and vinyl sales and cleaning, we sell a carefully chosen range of turntable upgrades and accessories. We are a dedicated crew of turntable and vinyl lovers who want to spread the joy of analog sound – so we made a home for the turntables and vinyl we love and called it The Turntable Shop. Analog forever!We repair, set-up, sell, buy and trade turntables of any type. We are happy to assess your current turntable’s condition and tone arm/cartridge set-up and we offer stylus cleaning and complete turntable repair and service. We give a ONE YEAR WARRANTY (tubes and styluses excepted) on all vintage turntables and equipment we sell so you can pick a classic with confidence.We buy, sell and trade all quality audio equipment; evaluations happily given free of charge – we make house-calls wherever possible.Our motto is “Hear the Music”. That’s what it is all about – hearing music played well. Come to The Shop, have a seat and listen to your favourite music played through our amazing original pair of Quad ESL 57 electrostatic speakers – over 50 years old and in the minds of many listeners the finest loudspeakers ever made. Hear what vinyl can really do!

Sells: Records, New and vintage, Turntables, and speakers. Also turntable restoration and repairs.


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