The Third Ear

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Address: King George St 48, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Introduction: Locating in the center of Tel Aviv the center of Israel the Third Ear provide a Huge selection of vinyls at moderate to high prices (the prices are subject to Supply and demand as at any other commodity) the selection is consisting upon "good / quality" music as classic rock , progressive rock , psych rock and etc (but not only) , as the CD is at phase out stage you can find there lot of CDs at very low price.The employees are music experts and few of them are professional musicians whom are members at a world wide known bands.Every few weeks an Acoustic session (usually 4-5 songs) with local known musicians take place and after it a signatures session on the musician's albums take place, the Acoustic sessions are free without any obligation to purchase at the shop.There're also video shop and library , music instruments shop and the Ozen Bar for live shows at the Third Ear complex but I'm not familiar with them.Even the Third Ear is a privately owned business for profits I consider it as a cultural institute.

Sells: Records


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