The Record Centre (Record store in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

The Record Centre

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Specializes in Jazz, Funk / Soul, Reggae, Rock.

Address: 1099 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y4, Canada

Introduction: We have a great selection of Used Vinyl and an ever growing selection of New Vinyl. We specialize in Vintage audio, specifically turntables. We also service all manner of Audio. including Reel to Reels, tube audio gear and we test vacuum tubes. The Record Centre is a distributor for Technics turntables and Electronics. Music Hall Turntables and Record Cleaning Machines. VPI Cleaning Machines, Kirmuss Ultrasonic Cleaning machines. Ortofon, Nagaoka, Grado, Shure cartridges. Jelco and Ortofon tonearms. 100 different Tonar replacement Stylus in stock, Turntable beltsLehmann Black Cube and Bellari phono stages. Grado Headphones.Nasotec Swing Headshells and VEM Record Weights.Tru Lift, Tru Sweep and Tru Clean by Integrity HiFi.We sell a variety of Inner and Outer sleeves, including MoFi and Nagaoka and paperIn the new vinyl category we are a Music on Vinyl dealer as well as a Mobile Fidelity dealer.We carry thousands of New Vinyl releases and re-issues. .We specialize in an extensive Used vinyl section, nicely curated, all used vinyl is VPI cleaned and guaranteed. We have an inventory of more than 250,000 used LPs

Sells: Records, CDs, Turntables, Amplifiers, Receivers


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The Record Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada