The Gramophone Inc. (Record store in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

The Gramophone Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Tony Allen
Fetured Artist

Address: 7913 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E1, Canada

Introduction: Over the last 27 years, The Gramophone has established a reputation for offering products of discriminating quality. The Gramophone location boasts two audio/video showrooms, has on hand for hands-on trial the largest Headphone selection in Alberta as well as maintaining the largest classical and jazz CD & Vinyl store in Alberta. They take great pride in being able to obtain many special order and hard-to-find recordings.

Sells: Records, Audio Gear, Turntables, Headphones, Speakers


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The Gramophone Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The Gramophone Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada