Strawberry Fields Hampden

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Joni Mitchell
Fetured Artist

Address: 803 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, USA

Introduction: Essentially an antique and curio shop selling a variety of unique collectables, a main draw is their diverse, unorganized collection of vinyl, the size of which averages around 3,000 titles but grows and shrinks as they acquire collections and sell them off in their frequent $1 and $2 sidewalk sales. The genres span the gamut, as their stock often appears to be from estate sales and collection purchases. If there is a particular genre, artist, or title you are looking for, the owner will put you on an alert list and text you when something arrives that may be of interest.

Sells: Records, Antiques, Clothing, Curios, Jewelery, Old Photographs, Event Posters


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