Stall 7 Records (Record store in Brighton, England, United Kingdom)

Stall 7 Records

Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Address: 7/8 Kensington Gardens, North Laine, Brighton BN1 4AL, United Kingdom

Introduction: Stall 7 Records was set up in Brighton's most loved and loathed junk shop, Snooper's Paradise, in 2007 by me, Mark Stall 7. Stall 7 sells new and second-hand vinyl records of all kinds.New vinyl - Over 300 popular titles in stock including The Beatles, The Smiths, Nick Drake and Arcade Fire. We compare all our prices with the internet and other independent record shops to bring you the best vinyl at the lowest possible prices. Come on in and take a look! Second-hand vinyl - These records come and go, so grab them while you can. Happy hunting!Buying from Stall 7 Records is easy - simply go to Snooper's Paradise's cash desk, ask for Stall 7 and a member of staff will go with you to help you with your purchase.

Sells: Records, CDs, Comics, Coins, pop art memorabilia

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Stall 7 Records, Brighton, England, United Kingdom