Sound & Vision (Record store in Paignton, England, United Kingdom)

Sound & Vision

Paignton, England, United Kingdom
Fetured Artist

Address: Paignton, UK

Introduction: Independent record shop opened in 2012, specialising in pre-owned vinyl records and CDs. 10,000+ items in stock with new arrivals every week. The owner is very knowledgeable about music (up to around the early 1990s!), is extremely witty, entertaining and very attractive, often being touted as "looking like a young Jon Bon Jovi, only with a beard and considerably less money". Apparently.

Sells: Records, Records, CDs, T-shirts, guitar strings, Guitar accessories, Drum sticks, Sheet Music, VHS, DVDs, Blu-ray, Accessories

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Sound & Vision, Paignton, England, United Kingdom