Savers (Record store in Manchester, Connecticut, United States)


Manchester, Connecticut, United States

Address: 432 Buckland Hills Dr, Manchester, CT 06042, USA

Introduction: Savers Thrift Store in Manchester, CT is an impressive thrift store, a community champion and a revolutionary recycler. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Small Collection of Vinyl Records, Tapes, CDs, Videos, Etc.

Sells: Records, Clothing & Shoes, Men's, Women's, Children's, Hats, Mittens, Scarves, Ties, Nylons, Socks, Underwear, Hardback and Paperback Books, Magazines, Records, Tapes, CDs, Videos, DVDs, Computer Software, Pots, Pans, Utensils, China Cups, Vases, Dishes, Cutlery, Glassware, Silverware, Stemware, Small Electrical Toasters, Radio, Power Tools, Irons, Blenders, Mixers, Stereos, CD Players, Speakers.


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Savers, Manchester, Connecticut, United States