Saša Stand (Record store in Pula, Croatia)

Saša Stand

Pula, Croatia

Address: Cvečićev uspon, 52100, Pula, Croatia

Introduction: Pula is mainly a city for tourism in summer with great beaches and places to visit. In the center of the city, in summer period between mid-June and mid-September (except for rainy days) you can find the stand of Saša with vinyl, cd's, books and some tapes. Both used and new records of different genres: punk, rock, pop, ska, local music etc. prices are regular ones. Saša is a nice person and can help you in whatever you want to know.There isn't a website but e-mail contact only: saleveruda@gmail.comPS. From the Saša stand walking over 200mt toward the Arch of the Sergii you can find a small flea market with used vinyl stand: mainstream records but enjoyable too.

Sells: Records, Books, Magazines

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Saša Stand, Pula, Croatia
Saša Stand, Pula, Croatia
Saša Stand, Pula, Croatia