SANANTONIO 42 (Record store in Pisa, Italy)


Pisa, Italy

Address: Via San Paolo, 1, 56125 Pisa Pisa, Italy

Introduction: Marco "Drago" Dragoni & Matteo "Pzzo" Chelini are the owner of this record store. Their extensive musical knowledge takes the form of a beautiful selection of music on vinyl.The store has a good precise identity and therefore does not offer choices of trivial or trend, but, for sure, if you make a specific request Matteo and Marco will surely satisfy you.In addition to being excellent Dj, known and appreciated in the area (but not only), they are connoisseurs and lovers of black music to 360 degrees.

Sells: Records, Street wear Spray cans & so on Books DJ accessories


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SANANTONIO 42, Pisa, Italy