Rock on! (Record store in Moscow, Russia)

Rock on!

Moscow, Russia
Specializes in Rock, Pop, Hip Hop.

Address: Serebryano-Vinogradnyy Proyezd, 73жс6, Moskva, Russia, 105122

Introduction: Rock On Shop is a small guitar & record store located in Moscow, Russian Federation. We always have about 2,000 records, 50 guitars and bunch of useful guitar accessories for sale. More than 1,500 guitars and thousands of records were sold around the world since 2010. Lots of famous European musicians are playing on our guitars. We really love old and rare instruments in a good shape from Japan, United States and Europe. We are well-experienced in Worldwide shipping, so no worries — you'll get your record/guitar in one piece. Check our items — we hope you'll be enjoyed!

Sells: Records, Guitars, Accessories


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Rock on!, Moscow, Russia
Rock on!, Moscow, Russia