Redicom (Record store in Mérida, Mexico)


Mérida, Mexico

Address: Calle 50 Diagonal No. 460, Fracc. Gonzalo Guerrero, 97118 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

Introduction: Store which sell, buys and trades records, cds and cassettes. They have a lot of used records and some new ones. There´s also a section specialized in heavy metal, electronica and another one in k-pop. And they sell new and used sound equipment (turntables, amplifiers, speakers).But they have all kind of generes and if you're looking for metal or classic rock spanish records it's then a pretty good place and they sell to other countries. They even have some nice rock bootlegs.

Sells: Records, T-shirts, rock accessories, Posters, Books, Cassettes, DVDs, bluray, VHS, CDs, LaserDiscs, record vinyl

Website: Facebook

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Redicom, Mérida, Mexico