Record Store DiG (Record store in Moscow, Russia)

Record Store DiG

Moscow, Russia

Address: Staraya Basmannaya ul., 15Ас15, Moskva, Russia, 105064

Introduction: (Located in Bauman Garden)DiG is one of the best known independent record store in Moscow since 2010. In our store you can find about 3000+ titles of fine new and used vinyl, 45's,12"'s,10",78 rpm records, cassettes, different styles and genres! 60s beat, surf, garage, psychedelic, 80s wave, punk, post-punk, rap, hip-hop, soul, funk, exotica, prog, rock, pop, indie, electronic, house, techno, good selection of Russian old and new music and many more.

Sells: Records, Books, Comics, Cassettes

Website: Discogs

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Record Store DiG, Moscow, Russia