Record Mart (Record store in New York, United States)

Record Mart

New York, United States
Bob James
Fetured Artist

Address: 7 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036, USA

Introduction: Record Mart originally opened in 1958 in the 14th street Union Square Subway Station. In 1961, a second, larger location was opened in the Times Square Subway Station. The 14th Street location was forced to close in 1975 due to subway renovations. The 42nd Street location remained open until 1998 when also due to subway renovation, was forced to close. In 2007, Record Mart reopened again at the 42nd Street location on the IRT level opposite the Shuttle Train. Originally opened as a Record Store, carrying English popular music, proprietors Jesse Moskowitz and Bob Stack noticed that many of their customers were of Latin decent. A large fraction of the clientele were Puerto Ricans working in factories in the Downtown area, so Jesse and Bob decided to start carrying more music that their main clientele desired. Eventually, Record Mart became known as a place that specialized in Latin music. They also carried an extensive collection of Jazz, Classical and Caribbean music. Sometime in the 1970s, Bob Stack left Record Mart and left Jesse to continue running the store with his dedicated staff. A few of those staff members even returned to Record Mart upon it's reopening in 2007. Most notably, Harry Sepulveda, considered one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to Latin music. Especially Salsa, traditional Puerto Rican and Cuban music. On any album, Harry can often spout out the label, the year it came out, the musicians as well as who did the arrangements. In 1998, Peter Watrous of the New York Times, wrote an insightful article in the Times dubbing Harry the "One-Man University of Latin Music." Today, Record Mart carries more than just music. With the ever changing landcape in the music industry, we can not just cell CD's or LP's. Make no mistake, our identity is still that of a Latin music store. We stock over forty thousand CD's and in the last year, with the resurgence of LP's have been steadily growing our Vinyl inventory. We offer a large selection of DVD's as well. Even though streaming is on the rise, we continue to offer great deals on movies and music videos. Electronics are an integral part of the new Record Mart since reopening in 2007. We carry a very large selection of headphones from brands like Skullcandy, Beats, Grado, JBL, Monster and many more. All of whom we buy direct and are authorized dealers of. We are an authorized GoPro dealer as well and carry their full line of cameras and accessories. Rounding out our inventory, we carry all your charging needs, phone cases and just about any mobile accessory that you could think of.

Sells: Records, CDs, DVDs, GoPro, Headphones


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Record Mart, New York, United States