Raul_Badea (Record store in Cluj-Napoca, Romania)


Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Specializes in Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Classical, Folk, World, & Country.

Address: Strada Cosașilor 6, Cluj-Napoca 400000, Romania

Introduction: Private collector from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, owner of an impressive collection, consisting mostly of Eastern Europe music.You'll find here great rock, electronic, jazz, classical, folklore records.Maybe the main provider of romanian Electrecord artists (Phoenix, Sfinx, Progresiv TM, FFN, Sincron, Mondial, Aura Urziceanu, Adrian Enescu, Marius Popp, Octavian Nemescu, Iancu Dumitrescu, Lola Bobescu etc.).Happy to meet other collectors, to buy, sell and trade.You're always welcome to visit me!

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Raul_Badea, Cluj-Napoca, Romania