Ransom Note Records (Record store in London, England, United Kingdom)

Ransom Note Records

London, England, United Kingdom
Specializes in Electronic, Funk / Soul.

Address: Cranmer Road, Railway Arch 437, Forest Gate E7 0JN, United Kingdom

Introduction: Born out of wedlock to Mr Internet and Ms Really Cool in 2009, the increasingly vital Ransom Note has complemented your inbox each week with a mix of cutting edge music, high/low culture and New World musings. Not only that, we highlight the pick of upcoming parties, wedding receptions, discos and kebab shop special offers. Ransom Note is the preserve of category A taste-makers, lunatics without real jobs and club & culture heads across the UK and beyond; we are the Acid House-obsessed, cross-eyed, distant cousin of Private Eye.Not content in exposing your eyes and ears we're now a record label releasing R$N-approved dance music from Planet Earth and opened a physical outlet just a stones throw from Stratford in Forest Gate which has now evolved into a bar, restaurant and record emporium 'Tracks'. Our shop stock a carefully curated cache of choice cuts with boogie bombs, disco diamonds and house heat complete with selected new scores and our own Ransom Note Records label lacquer!Come crate cruise to Forest Gate and raid the Tracks racks at Ransom Note Records!

Sells: Records, Food & Drink, Merchandise

Website: theransomnote.com

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Ransom Note Records, London, England, United Kingdom