Phonica Records (Record store in London, England, United Kingdom)

Phonica Records

London, England, United Kingdom
Specializes in Electronic, Hip Hop.

Address: 51 Poland St, Soho, London W1F, UK

Introduction: Phonica Records was established in September 2003 by founders Simon Rigg and set up shop in Soho, London, adding to the high concentration of independent records stores that inhabited the area around Berwick Street. Founders; Simon Rigg, Heidi Vanden Amstel and Tom Relleen joined The Vinyl Factory with the aim of creating an exciting outlet for innovative dance music, traversing all sub-genres and cultures. Over the past decade the emporium has developed into a well-respected destination for DJs and enthusiasts, and has subsequently become a bustling hive of conversation and inspiration as part of a wider community of music lovers. While trends and movements in music have grown and faded over these years, Phonica has always remained in a state of evolution. It is this openness to change alongside a commitment to it's original ethos and an enduring ardour for quality, cutting-edge sounds that has fuelled the shop's staying power.

Sells: Records, Accessories, Clothing, Headphones, Earplugs, Magazines, Books, Record Bags, Record Boxes, Slipmats, Speakers, Turntables


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Phonica Records, London, England, United Kingdom