Perth Vinyl (Record store in Butler, Australia)

Perth Vinyl

Butler, Australia

Address: Butler WA 6036, Australia

Introduction: Perth Vinyl is a Perth-based vinyl record cleaning service dedicated to the maintainence and care of your music collection.We offer one of Australia's premium record/vinyl cleaning services available, using professional hardware to ensure your vinyl records sound as best as they can.Unlike other record cleaning companies, we don't use DIY or cheap eBay products. We use over AUD$8,000 worth of flagship equipment to clean your records as best as they physically can be. If our cleaners can't clean your records, nothing can! Our two-step cleaning process uses the ProJect VC-S RCM and the KLAudio KD-CLN-LP200 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine. The KLAudio machine is a commercial-grade cleaner, designed specifically for one purpose - to provide a safe but effective cavitation process.

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Perth Vinyl, Butler, Australia