Penny Lane Records (Record store in Upland, California, United States)

Penny Lane Records

Upland, California, United States
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Address: 235 E 9th St, Upland, CA 91786, USA

Introduction: Opening in 1985 and named Independent Retailer of the Year by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) in 1996, Penny Lane, once the largest independent record chain in Los Angeles, is now a single location in Upland, California. Penny Lane Records buys, sells, trades and consigns extraordinary LPs, 45s, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, video games and cassettes. We pay top prices, and reward referrals of exceptional collections. House calls are made for large collections of interest.

Sells: Records, DVDs, Blu-ray, Books, Cassettes, Posters


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Penny Lane Records, Upland, California, United States