Muziekafdeling Warenhuis Vanderveen (Record store in Assen, Netherlands)

Muziekafdeling Warenhuis Vanderveen

Assen, Netherlands
Specializes in Blues, Rock, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop, Classical.

Address: Koopmansplein 16, 9401 EL Assen, Netherlands

Introduction: They refer to us as an excellent shop, which is great to hear. You can find all kind of genres in here. We're on the first floor of departmentstore Vanderveen. Check it out when you're in Assen.We're running the extra mile to get your stuff if we don't stock it

Sells: Records, Muggs, Posters, T-Shirts


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Muziekafdeling Warenhuis Vanderveen, Assen, Netherlands