Muziekafdeling Warenhuis Vanderveen, eerste etage (Record store in Assen, Netherlands)

Muziekafdeling Warenhuis Vanderveen, eerste etage

Assen, Netherlands
Specializes in Funk / Soul, Blues, Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop.

Address: Koopmansplein 16, 9401 EL Assen, Nederland

Introduction: We have over 20.000 cd's: lots of Roots& Americana/Pop-Rock/Blues/Hardrock&Metal/Dutch/Country/Jazz/Soul/Classical.A 5000 plus collection of vinyl too with specials in Roots&americana, Hardrock and pop. and also used-vinylA nice collection of music-dvd’s&bluray (concerts/collection of videos)We do the extra effort to get the the stuff you want and we don't stockYou can also hook up to our newsletter

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Muziekafdeling Warenhuis Vanderveen, eerste etage, Assen, Netherlands