Milque & Muhle Records

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Finis Africae
Fetured Artist

Address: 6 Gibb St, Birmingham B9, UK

Introduction: Milque & Muhle is an independent record shop based in Eastside Birmingham’s Custard Factory. Coming from a combination of music and art backgrounds Milque & Muhle is the creation of Nathan Warner and Ellena Donlon starting it’s life back in May 2013 due to launch mid-September 2013. Recognising that Birmingham demands a unique outlet for music; they hope to become a place where Birmingham folk can find rare material and discover the new.Milque & Muhle serves as a shop which not only provides adventurous, underground vinyl and cassette, you will also find music fanzines, comics, presses and occasional art prints; with due course Milque & Muhle intend to curate local gigs and music/art based events targeted towards adventurous and curious audiences within Birmingham.

Sells: Records


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