Magnetic Tape Recorder Co. and Stereo Center

Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Kate Bush
Fetured Artist

Address: 601 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204, USA

Introduction: Do you have a turntable that needs a needle or a belt? Looking for a stereo system for your new apartment, or a new pair of speakers? Do you have a record player already, but want to upgrade? Maybe you've got an old receiver that needs to be repaired, need some speaker cable, or just have a few questions about the ins and outs of a reel-to-reel deck. We're the place to take care of all of that! We specialize in vintage home audio and stereo repair. Founded in 1956, Magnetic Tape Recorder Company moved to our current location on the corner of Baxter and Payne in 1966. You've probably driven past our building 100 times! Our current owner, Joseph Hanna, bought the business in 2018 from Charlie Green who took over from our founders Gene and Hazel Dillingham. Our three main techs, James, Ben, and Barry have been working with electronics for over 30 years. Your front-counter experience will probably be with Iain or Joseph, two young guys bringing some new blood to the old business. We've got a lot of repeat customers, and see new faces all the time. Stop in and see us sometime!

Sells: Records, Turbtables, Speakers, Receivers, Reel to Reels, Cassette Decks, Turntables, Combo Stereos, Console Record Players, Tube Radios

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