LV.VINYL (Record store in Rushden, England, United Kingdom)


Rushden, England, United Kingdom
Specializes in Electronic, Pop, Rock, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop.

Address: Ennerdale Rd, Rushden NN10, UK

Introduction: Hello my name is Dan the owner of LV.VINYL which is a small online record store selling all types of vinyls, mainly 12" singles, EPs and albums. Discog is as main choice for vinyl buying and selling, I do have an online store which will be selling professional vinyl cleaning products, vinyl protection, and much much more.I buy and sell vinyls and also take in job lots were possible, as I have started small I hope to expand over time and make this bigger.

Sells: Records, Turntables, Accessories


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LV.VINYL, Rushden, England, United Kingdom