Lobster Records (Record store in London, England, United Kingdom)

Lobster Records

London, England, United Kingdom

Address: 5 Sidworth St, London E8 3SD, UK

Introduction: Lobster Records is a new record store in London Fields from Lobster Theremin & Distribution.Selling the majority of their 200+ label distribution stock plus an array of tapes, merch, zines and bits and bobs via the physical and store website.The store itself is a clean, elegant yet still raw space set within Hackney, London. Plants adorn the walls, floor and shelves alongside highlight releases. There's a 35 titles back wall, four listening stations, a 60 tape rack with Sony tape deck and pegboard display. All furniture is moveable and we'll be refreshing the layout of the shop every so often as well as hosting in-stores and other shop-based events.We are next to units 3 and 10, next to the bathroom & plumbing store.

Sells: Records

Website: lobsterrecords.co.uk

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Lobster Records, London, England, United Kingdom