Isoma (Record store in Antella, Italy)


Antella, Italy
Specializes in Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Rock, Reggae, Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Pop.

Address: Via Ubaldino Peruzzi, 44, 50012 Antella FI, Italy

Introduction: Open in September 2017 (Owner - Lorenzo Fortino)This shop is focused on new vinyls and cds about Ambient/Experimental/Techno/Electro/House/Hip Hop. Used stuff [vinyls/cds] is only in the shop not on Discogs (selected from all genres).

Sells: Records, Clothing (Isoma brand), Dj Equipment, Amplifiers

Website: Discogs

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Isoma, Antella, Italy