Il 23 Dischi (Record store in Padua, Italy)

Il 23 Dischi

Padua, Italy

Address: Via San Gregorio Barbarigo, 6, 35141 Padua, Padua, Italy

Introduction: One of the oldest record store in Padova (Italy). The shop is located in Via G. Barbarigo, near Piazza Duomo, in the historical centre of Padova.At "Il 23 Dischi" you can find a lot of cheap CD (most of them are catalogue - pop/rock/jazz/metal), a good selection of new LP (mostly of them are pop/rock and jazz) and used LP (mostly of them cheap and from 70/80 and a little bit of 90).For Jazz Music lover, the store have a very big selection of cheap CD and LP (new and used).If you're lucky you can buy a rarities on vinyl at 10 euroPayments by cash and cards

Sells: Records, DVDs, small turntable

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Il 23 Dischi, Padua, Italy
Il 23 Dischi, Padua, Italy
Il 23 Dischi, Padua, Italy