HOLYGRAILS (Record store in London, England, United Kingdom)


London, England, United Kingdom

Address: 53 Belmont Hill, London SE13, UK

Introduction: Holygrails sets the standard for quality high end vinyl for serious music connoisseurs, DJs, diggers and collectors. We are open seven days a week between 1pm and 5pm. Please be sure to call before your visit to discus your wantslist. In addition to our discogs stock we also sell bargain packs from our bargain basement. If planning a visit please call to check availability. We have over 18,000 online and a visit is ideal for those looking to dig that little bit deeper as we can pull rarities out that you are interested in. We get many enquiries from discogs sellers to send samples of our rarer tunes which we are unable to do so a personal visit is the perfect way to find tunes that are below the radar and not available on youtube.

Sells: Records, Club Fliers. We have a massive selection of vintage club fliers from the golden era of Rave, Jungle, House and underground Soul & Funk from 1985-2000. Vintage Postcards We also sell rare vintage postcards related to Dance.

Website: Discogs

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HOLYGRAILS, London, England, United Kingdom