HMV - Colchester (Record store in Colchester, England, United Kingdom)

HMV - Colchester

Colchester, England, United Kingdom
Grace Jones
Fetured Artist

Address: Culver Square Shopping Centre, 9-10B Culver Street West, Colchester, Colchester, Essex CO1 1WF, UK

Introduction: The Colchester branch of the national chain of HMV stores. The store has recently relocated to a larger store in the Culver Square Shopping Centre. At this new location, HMV Colchester is now providing a healthy selection of new vinyl records from both mainstream and independent labels covering rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop and electronic. The shop currently only stocks albums and compilations.

Sells: Records, CDs, DVDs, Books, Memorabilia, Clothing, Video Games

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HMV - Colchester, Colchester, England, United Kingdom