Graf Streibl (Record store in Trier, Germany)

Graf Streibl

Trier, Germany

Address: Saarstraße 21, 54290 Trier, Germany

Introduction: it's a small secondhand-recordshop in a big secondhand-shop in the prolongation of the Neustraße. You'll find the best choice of Second-hand vinyl in the whole area between Saarbrücken, Luxemburg, Aachen, Bonn, Mainz and Kaiserslautern. If you won't find your record in the store, you might find it in the storage.

Sells: Records, almost everything from clothes to books, from CD, DVDs to household-articles, from games over nippes to gold and silver, from watches over antiques to bycicles, to say almost everything what a house can bear.


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Graf Streibl, Trier, Germany
Graf Streibl, Trier, Germany
Graf Streibl, Trier, Germany