GirandoA45Rpm Records (Record store in Quito, Ecuador)

GirandoA45Rpm Records

Quito, Ecuador
Specializes in Rock, Pop, Latin.

Address: Lavayen & Concepción, Quito 170136, Ecuador

Introduction: Ecuadorian online store specialized in 7" records made in Ecuador #ifesa #fadisa #fediscos , we also have LPs and Ecuadorian Cassettes.If you are looking for an article made in my country, please do not be afraid to consult me as most Ecuadorian contributions have been made by me.Shipments to South America are made, including Brazil and Mexico, but the arrival time varies depending on the customs and may take several months

Sells: Records, Accessories, CDs, Cassettes

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GirandoA45Rpm Records, Quito, Ecuador