Extreme Noise Records (Record store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

Extreme Noise Records

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Address: 407 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA

Introduction: This punk-focused record shop on Lake Street has sold vinyl to hardcore fans in the area for almost two decades. It's a co-op run entirely by volunteers, with all of the profits from sales reinvested back into the store and the local music community. That unbridled DIY spirit permeates the shop as well as their well-chosen inventory of vinyl, featuring plenty of punk acts that aren't represented in other shops. Extreme Noise also has many live (and loud) performances within their intimate shop, giving area music fans even more reason to stop in.

Sells: Records

Website: extremenoise.com

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Extreme Noise Records, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Extreme Noise Records, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States