Espai Xocolat (Record store in Palma, Spain)

Espai Xocolat

Palma, Spain
Specializes in Blues, Pop, Jazz, Funk / Soul, Children's, Folk, World, & Country, Classical.

Address: Carrer de Font i Monteros, 18, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

Introduction: Espai Xocolat, until 1980 your record shop now with bar service and cultural activities such as album releases, acoustic concerts, exhibitions, and much more!In Espai Xocolat you can enjoy good wine, good coffee, a good gin and tonic, a nice "pamboli" (bread with tomato and ham or cheese), a craft beer from Mallorca, while listening to good music and / or watching a live concert.Take advantage of our bar deals and our shop offers: new vinyl, used vinyl, cd deals in 3x2, books, bags and bowls handmade with recycled vinyl, and much more, take place and have a drink while you decide which musical treasure you'll take home.

Sells: Records, DVDs, Amplifiers, Books, CDs, Hi-Fi Equipment, Turntables, Vinyl


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Espai Xocolat, Palma, Spain
Espai Xocolat, Palma, Spain
Espai Xocolat, Palma, Spain