elchRecords (Record store in Basel, Switzerland)


Basel, Switzerland
Specializes in Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Jazz, Reggae.

Address: Oetlingerstrasse 146, 4057 Basel, Switzerland

Introduction: Sexiest record store in Basel, big sortiment of (used) hiphop vinyl, merch and other related stuff.Pls check also out for special events like:- In-store-concerts- Dj sets- Meet and greet with favorite artitstSpecial:The recordstore is also in use as co-working space, hit us up for home-officing in a record store!No-Go:Classic music, Schlager, LändlerFor contact, pls use the shown telephone number (If there's no direct answer within 25 seconds the call will be forwarded)Otherwise use info@elchrecords.ch----------------------------------------------

Sells: Records, Beer, Cassettes, Clothing, Merchandise, T-shirts, Tapes, Tickets

Website: elchrecords.ch

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elchRecords, Basel, Switzerland