El Surco Ecuador (Record store in Quito, Ecuador)

El Surco Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador
Specializes in Folk, World, & Country, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Latin, Pop, Rock, Reggae.

Address: Jose Maria Aguirre & Concepción, Quito 170136, Ecuador

Introduction: The largest vinyl store in Ecuador, we have a catalog of 15 thousand records, of all genres, as well as new and imported records. We ship in and out of the country.We are located in Quito, Ecuador.

Sells: Records, Fundas externas (outter sleeves), Fundas internas (inner sleeves), Liquído de limpieza (record fluid cleaner), Portadas (sleeves), Cepillos antiestáticos (anti static brush)

Website: elsurco.ec

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El Surco Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador