DonnaStrummer (Record store in Paris, France)


Paris, France
Specializes in Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop, Electronic, Children's, Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz.

Address: 150 Rue de Belleville, 75020 Paris, France

Introduction: A wonderful new music shop shared with a dvd shop. 7", 10", 12", CDs, second hand and first hand, underground labels and mainstream labels. You can listen to all the records, under a pink neon light or in the shade of a banana tree. Great punk, cool garage, shiny soul, beautiful rock 50s/60s/70s, nice new-wave, french music (famous or pointed), delicious world music from 30s to 2000s. (Wel)come on!

Sells: Records, CDs, Tapes

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DonnaStrummer, Paris, France