Discos Elepé (Record store in Vigo, Spain)

Discos Elepé

Vigo, Spain

Address: Rúa do Doutor Cadaval, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Introduction: DISCS ELEPE opened on May 5, 1979, (though all had previous connection with the sale of discs, Jose and Conchi were responsible for Hispavox in Galicia, and their parents had the legendary shop of 60 and 70 DISCS GIRALDEZ. I, personally I have selling records since I started in 1975 in discs Cividanes, since then we have championed the sale of records in the city of Vigo, resisting downturns that struck the music business and devote ourselves to it with complete devotion, which we common all owners of record stores. what motivates us is the love of music.

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Discos Elepé, Vigo, Spain
Discos Elepé, Vigo, Spain
Discos Elepé, Vigo, Spain