Death Or Glory Records (Record store in Redditch, England, United Kingdom)

Death Or Glory Records

Redditch, England, United Kingdom

Address: 3 Church Green East, Redditch, Worcestershire B98, UK

Introduction: Like all music lovers we respect the hard work musicians put into their records. The hours in a studio, the artwork, the album title, and the blood sweat and tears that go into it. So own it, hold it, smell it, play it and love every bloody second of it as you watch it on the turn table. Most importantly buy it from your local independent record shop.When the idea of Death or Glory Records first came about it was with you in mind. We wanted to be different from the rest and do what is close to our hearts: help and support people. We aim to do this in many ways; some will be apparent from looking around the shop, others are more subtle but are just as important. In the shop we display work from both local music photographers, showcasing their immense talent for all to see and we also have a gallery of artwork from students from NEW College, which is a partnership we are very proud of. We are very passionate about supporting local talent whether that be photography, art or music.Death or Glory Records also believes everyone deserves a chance. It is with this in mind that we work to support young people with employment opportunities. We work closely with the Job Centre to give employment and work experience to young people who are not getting that chance elsewhere, those who desperately want to work but aren’t getting the chance, for people who are keen to learn new skills and develop.As a Community Interest Company, any profits that the shop makes does not go to the directors or management; they go back into the community. Profits are used to help young unemployed people, to help local photographers and artists and to help local bands. We are very proud of the bands and musicians that have and are currently associated with Redditch and the region. We want to encourage and nurture the next generation. This will take many forms, from helping provide equipment, putting on gigs and releasing Singles, EP’s and Albums through our label.So now it is over to you. Please support us, share your ideas and get involved.

Sells: Records, Books, T-shirts, Posters

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Death Or Glory Records, Redditch, England, United Kingdom