Closet Of Records, Tapes & Paper (Record store in Antwerp, Belgium)

Closet Of Records, Tapes & Paper

Antwerp, Belgium
Specializes in Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Non-Music, Jazz.

Address: Ankerrui 5, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Introduction: Closet store with tapes, vinyl records and paper items (zines and artist publications), open bi-weekly on thursday nights at Bosbar / Het Bos."Closet of Records also hosts a series of events presenting local and less local DIY labels and artists through live concerts, dj-sets and release events for audio releases, printed matter and beyond."

Sells: Records, Cassettes, CDs, Books, Buttons, Coffee, Tapes, Vinyl, Zines


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Closet Of Records, Tapes & Paper, Antwerp, Belgium