Clocktower Music (Record store in Bridport, England, United Kingdom)

Clocktower Music

Bridport, England, United Kingdom
Fetured Artist

Address: 10 St Michael's Ln, Bridport DT6, UK

Introduction: Clocktower Music Bridport is now also an online shop, as the shop is presently closed becasue of coronavirus and will reopen when it is safe again to visit for our customers.It was opened in April 2016, having previously operated on Bridport, Dorchester and Sherborne markets since 2007. It's reputation as a vinyl buyers/sellers favourite shop has grown fantastically fast already. We’re well-known in the South West area and are described as a gem in Bridport’s Industrial Heritage & Vintage Quarter. We offer a range of new and preowned vinyl records. Prior to making your purchase, you can even listen to music in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to our lovely collection of vinyl, we have a jukebox and a premium Addams Family pinball machine.

Sells: Records, Vintage Valve Radios

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Clocktower Music, Bridport, England, United Kingdom
Clocktower Music, Bridport, England, United Kingdom