Classical Bargain Records (Record store in London, England, United Kingdom)

Classical Bargain Records

London, England, United Kingdom
Specializes in Classical.

Address: New Eltham railway station, London SE9, UK

Introduction: Classical Bargain Records, (est. 1988) has a stock of thousands of CDs and vinyl LPs covering all genres of classical music, with prices ranging from £0.50 to £6.00 per disc. Additionally there is now an extensive range of rock and pop vinyl (LPs & 45s) and CDs priced at between £0.50 and £2.00, plus a good selection of individually priced play-tested collectable vinyl, courtesy of online record dealer Vinyl Destiny Records ( est. 2001) ( Travelling from central London is easy; there are two fast trains per hour from London Bridge straight to New Eltham. On alighting, cross over the footbridge to the London-bound platform, exit through the ticket hall and upon emerging you will see the shop on the opposite side of the road, a little to the left.Open Thursdays (12.00 pm-7.00 pm); Fridays (10.00 am-5.00 pm) and Saturdays (8.30 am-5.00 pm).

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Classical Bargain Records, London, England, United Kingdom