Chez Emile Records (Record store in Lyon, France)

Chez Emile Records

Lyon, France

Address: 38 Rue Sergent Blandan Ancienne Voie du Rhin, 69001 Lyon, France

Introduction: Located in the centre of the French city of Lyon, the record shop Chez Emile will offer you a very special digging session. Street to meet Emile’s electronic vinyl selection.Sit comfortably wait for a coffee and let Emile introduce you to the newest vinyl he selected for you, you will feel “just like home”.As an attentive host proud of his hometown Emile offers you a selection of the best artists from the local scene but also new and second-hand vinyl from all over the world.Specialized in house and techno music you will find a broad selection of all the genres resulting from this culture. Emile will surprise you by his choices that go from the newest experimental discovery to the classical origins of electronic music such as jazz, soul or disco records.Chez Emile records deeply wishes to share his passion that’s why the record shop also organizes various events that participate to the cultural attraction of the city of Lyon in France but not only.

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Chez Emile Records, Lyon, France