Cheeky Monkey [Permanently closed]

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Address: 130 Christina St N, Sarnia, ON N7T 3X4, Canada

Introduction: The roots of Cheeky Monkey originated in Wallaceburg, Ontario in the summer of 1983.That is when Roland and Mary Anne Peloza took the plunge and opened a business called The Video Zone. Opening as a video rental shop in a 400 square foot location The Video Zone soon outgrew the tiny space and expanded in both size and merchandise. With the popularity of movies that had catchy soundtracks such as Flashdance, Top Gun, Footloose and Eddie and the Cruisers, the shop soon started carrying music on vinyl, tape and a new format called compact discs once they were invented. While it was primarily a video rental store, music was always a major part of the business.Things went along and the business grew until the summer of 1999, when the decision was made to leave Wallaceburg and video rental behind to move to Sarnia to open Cheeky Monkey. The name was chosen to be deliberately vague, with constantly changing audio and video platforms, the name lent itself to all formats and it's hard to say without a smile. Cheeky Monkey's purpose was and remains to this day to be a source of packaged home entertainment, including titles that are not common to big box or chain stores. Over the years, Cheeky Monkey has maintained a relationship with a variety of sources, from major labels to independent single artists in an effort to serve our customers and be a one-stop for all their musical and visual entertainment needs. In the year 2014, it's sometimes not easy to prosper in an era of internet everywhere with free downloads, youtube, netflicks and i-tunes, but fortunately there are still people who value the superior quality and versatility that only an original hard copy can provide. The current resurgence in vinyl records proves that digital is not always better.

Sells: Records, Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs, music/movie related mercandise such as t-shirts & mugs

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