Chasing Rabbits - Record Store

Lisbon, Portugal
Specializes in Rock, Electronic.

Address: Rua do Sol ao Rato 61, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal

Introduction: “Chasing Rabbits - Record Store” was born from the pleasure of sharing music. Where once was achieved in the dance floor, it is now materialized through vinyl, books, or diluted in conversations that reflect the importance of music in our lives.It's a place centered on vinyl, new and second hand, focused on the styles of POST PUNK, NEW WAVE, INDIE and SYNTH. It has a music book section which follows the previous styles, with the recommendation to some photography editions.​With coffee area, we invite you to have a drink and get to know our menu which has vegan and vegetarians options. It's a place for music lovers, suitable for band showcases, dj sets and other projects thatadd value to the place.

Sells: Records, Books, Food, Beer, Coffee


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